Tamiris Cunha, our new columnist, is a pedagogue who is in love with photography and design. Mother of Benício and Vitório, she reconciles her professional life with the motherhood and and still finds some time to put into practice her biggest hobby: the DIY.


Owner of @euvoce2filhoseumap, Instagram where she shows her inspirations and projects, Tamiris will share here everything that is new in decor, besides her diy projects, encouraging you to get your hands dirty too!

Below you can check Tamiris by herself.

Ready to welcome her?




Hello! I am Tamiris Cunha, 26 years old, I was born in Cambuci-SP and currently I work as the principal of a school unit.

I am married for 8 years now, and I met my husband at the church I attended, he was always reserved and conservative; I am dynamic and friendly; we saw in each other the balance that was lacking.

Together we had two kids: Benicio and Vitório, they mean the world for us.


Benicio is a 3 years old full of personality, he dominates an oratory incredible well and loves geometric forms! By the age of 2, he looked at me holding an object and said ‘look mom, it’s an octagon”.

Vitório is 10 months and is a sweet, kind and sociable little one; but don’t get him wrong, he is a smart one that knows how to climb a slide by himself. He does not need mediation to socialize and explore things.

I run an Instagram focused on lifestyle (@euvoce2filhoseumap), decor and activities for babies and children.

I have a degree in Pedagogy from the UMC University. My hobbies have always been photography and DIY. I actually did a basic course of photography, but never went deep into it because since it has multiple segments.


I have always loved crafts and customizing everything. For my 12 years old birthday I asked for a suitcase with several craft tools. My parents always encouraged me and, as much as possible, gave me everything I asked for, but I was never able to take courses on this subject since they were always very expensive (lessons + materials) and also because I did not have a specific focus in terms of crafts.

I’m not an attached person, and I think that helps me take the risk when I have some ‘out of the box’ ideas.
I can not get an idea and not execute it, I just have to try it.

I am a very expressive, creative and smiling person. It’s hard to see me complaining, sometimes I need to control my sympathy. I believe that living like this makes the difficulties of life a little bit easier. I’m the type of person that gets emotionally involved and give aways give my best when someone needs me.

I always think of new options for an object. Solutions for sure is my thing.

I love to know what is trending and I spend hours researching for things that representes me in different segments, decor, children’s party, educational activities and learning conceptions, among other things. I like to have property to talk and know a little bit about everything.

Now that you guys know who I am, I would love to know about you too! Feel free to write to me in the comments! =)




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