Sisters Taylen (3) and Aleia (1) are an internet sensation and their success has only been growing since the mother of the duo, Angelica Calad, created an Instagram account in 2012 to document back then little Taylen’s day-to-day.
With well produced looks, creative photos and an exciting routine, the two won the hearts not only of anonymous followers as well as famous. Celebrities like the Kardashians, Janelle Monae, Brec Bassinger and Jordyn Jones are some in the list of those who fall in love with the sisters.
Janelle Monae even asked to meet the girls at a private meet and greet in 2016 (at @taylensmom there are lots of photos from the meeting!).
They also rock In the world of fashion. Big brands like Guess,Betsey Johnson, and Sherri Hill often repost the little one’s photos.

Besides, Taylen has participated in campaigns like the Holiday Print Collection of Kardashian Kids in 2016 and, this February, was the youngest model to walk on New York Fashion Week runway, representing Sherri Hill and Little Miss Aoki.
Far from the spotlights, time to play is a very important issue in their agenda, and they are often being photographed by their mom while having fun and displayng sister’s affection.
The last family adventure was a trip to @waltdisneyworld, which we had access to some records. As you can imagine, it was a cuteness overload, with many beautiful looks and photos with some very important characters!
The photo shoot is so cute that we couldn’t help but share with you. Check below and board in the adventure!

Taylensmom Takes Disney 11

Taylensmom Takes Disney 9

Taylen’s grey tutu dress is from @plumNYC and the pink Minnie Mouse ears from @tutudumonde.

Taylensmom Takes Disney 18

Gold glitter shoes by @minnaparikkashoes

Taylensmom Takes Disney 14

Taylensmom Takes Disney 12

Waaaay too cute! <3 The stroller is from @cybex_global.

Taylensmom Takes Disney 5

Taylen’s black dress is from @pleiades_handmade and the red glitter ears are from @ma_belle_mademoiselle.

Aleia’s red tutu dress is from @plumNYC and the silver glitter shoes from @minnaparikkashoes.

Taylensmom Takes Disney 6

Aleia’s silver romper is from @labeljane and the gold bow headband from @lofficielenfant.

Taylensmom Takes Disney 3

Taylensmom Takes Disney 13

Taylen and Aleia meeting some very important characters! =) Aleia’s yellow dress is from @aggieandfrancois.

Taylensmom Takes Disney 17

Taylensmom Takes Disney 2

Taylensmom Takes Disney 4

Cuteness Overload!

Flavia Araujo

Flavia Araujo

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